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Erin Kaulback  | Seven Collective

Erin Kaulback
Owner | Master Hairstylist | Extension Specialist 
Makeup Artist | Lash Tech 

Erin has always been artistically inclined; she moved to Halifax in 2012 to study law at Dalhousie and by 2013 was studying makeup artistry instead! Through the years she’s picked up many different skills and certifications in the beauty industry but hairstyling will always be her main passion — extensions, high impact blondes, major colour corrections, transformations and multi-session colours are her bread and butter — she really loves a challenge! She is all about conquering the insurmountable and making your hair dreams come true. 

On Erin’s day off (when she takes one) you can find her sleeping in, brushing up on hair education and hanging out with her cats Moira and Regina. Most often spotted with coffee in hand!

To book with Erin, please email

Ayla Singer  | Seven Collective

Ayla Singer

Master Hairstylist

Having great consultations and getting to know you is super important to Ayla; her priority is to have your hair reflect your personality and lifestyle. She’s supportive when people want to try new things and she’s always ready with advice, no matter how big or small the change is! Ayla aims to give people beautiful, lived-in, low maintenance hair. Currently she’s obsessed with shags, natural texture, vintage shapes and wash-and-go type styles for people who spend minimal time styling their hair. She’s also a freak for bright blondes, blended balayages and bangs.

Ayla is currently on maternity leave and is not accepting bookings at this time.

Rebecca Murphy  | Seven Collective

Rebecca Murphy


​Rebecca joined us in July 2021 after graduating from CBBC Career College and has been honing her skills as a stylist ever since! She’s been learning all types of cuts, colours and extensions and has formed a special love for doing dimensional blondes, brunettes and low maintenance colours.

When she’s not at work, Rebecca can be found listening to live music, attending drag shows and hanging out with her dog, Sloan.

To book with Rebecca, please email

Rachel Potvin  | Seven Collective

Rachel Potvin

Hairstylist | Makeup Artist

Rachel specializes in creating custom haircuts and particularly loves working with curly and thick hair (she’s a curly girl herself!) She’ll work with your face shape, specific proportions and hair texture to give you the personalized cut of your dreams while taking the time to help you understand products and styling techniques so you can recreate your new look at home!

Outside of work Rachel can be found spending time with her daughters Luna and Tova, but have no fear — she says she’ll never leave the beauty industry permanently due to the deep connections she has formed with her treasured clients.

Rachel is currently on maternity leave and is not accepting bookings at this time.

Devin Knezacek  | Seven Collective

Devin Knezacek

Master Hairstylist | Artisan

Devin joins Seven Collective with over ten years of hair styling experience! He is adept and passionate about creating colour looks and blonding that are low maintenance, blended and natural, but doesn’t shy away from big and bold colour transformations either. He finds particular joy in making people feel radiant and at their very best regardless of if they want a big change or a simple trim.

When away from the chair, he spends a lot of his time crafting, drawing, sewing or working on his newest passion, beadwork. He's truly at his happiest when he's creating, and he views hair as another satisfying medium to create with!

To book with Devin, please use his online booking link.

Carly Rogerson | Seven Collective

Carly Rogerson

Master Hairstylist

You’ll love Carly for her calming energy and laid-back attitude. Joining us with 6 years experience, she graduated from the coveted Blanche MacDonald Centre in 2017 before returning back home to Halifax to begin her career. She loves creating low maintenance, lived-in hair, blondes, and has a special love for updos and bridal hair; although her real favourite thing is her ability to make her clients shine with confidence!


Shopaholic, music lover, coffee addict, dog lover, plant mom — these are some of the best words to describe Carly, but when she’s not in the salon you’ll most often find her at home relaxing with her cats Vinnie and Louie.

To book with Carly, please email

P.S. Don't hesitate to ask Carly for a silent appointment!

Alyson Randles | Seven Collective

Alyson Randles

Hairstylist | Makeup Artist

Alyson is a true artist at heart! She got her Makeup Artistry diploma in 2013 and studied art at NSCAD in 2014 before discovering her love of doing hair in 2021. She excels at creative cuts of all kinds including alternative shaggy styles, pixie cuts, mullets, curly cuts and any out of the box ideas you can dream up! She's not afraid to work with any hair texture from pin straight to kinky/coily and everything in between. As far as colour goes, she loves anything dimensional, lived-in, or hand painted -- every client is a work of art! She's passionate about making sure her clients from all walks of life feel comfortable with her and able to express their truest selves.

Outside the salon you can find her out on bike rides and road trips, watching true crime documentaries or snuggled up watching bad reality tv with her cats Lilith and Olive.

To book with Alyson, please email


Carly Drake

Junior Hairstylist 


Carly graduated from The Academy of Cosmetology in August of 2023 and was quickly scouted out for her impressive talent and skill even as a beginner! For her first few months you can find her being mentored by Erin and learning everything there is to know about colour, blonding, extensions and colour corrections so that she can hone in on her interest in blondes, dimensional colours and major hair transformations. 


Carly’s your gal if you love to chat travel, thrifting, music, cooking, and horror movies and she has a special love for her family and her dog Turbo. You’ll be instant besties if you bring her a PSL and show her a picture of your dog! 


To book with Carly, please email


Holly McLellan

Master Hairstylist

It's impossible not to love Holly - from her big personality to her hilarious stories, she's truly the life of the party! 
Holly attended NSCAD from 2010-2012 where she developed a love for colour theory 
that has helped her excel in her career ever since. She's passionate about everything to do with lightening hair and adding dimension whether it be natural brunette highlights, lived-in blonde or full on Barbie hair! She can tackle any big transformation or colour correction with ease and will form a true friendship with you in the process.

In Holly's spare time you can find her on Wikipedia brushing up on her worldly knowledge, feeding her fish, spending days in the valley and taking leisurely strolls through the aisles of Dollarama.

To book with Holly, please email info@sev

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